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Other berries

Other berries

Weird & Wonderful...

Not for sticking just with the same traditional favourites, we have also introduced some more unusual and interesting fruits for you to try, including:

Boysenberry - an interesting cross between a loganberry, blackberry & raspberry!
Buckingham Tayberry - sweeter than a loganberry and spine-free unlike the original tayberry
Goji berry - originally from China, these small sweet berries have a mild liquorice flavour - and are high in anti-oxidants!
Honeyberry - also known as edible honeysuckle, its fruits are similar in taste and looks to the blueberry
Jostaberry - a thornless, disease resistant cross between a gooseberry and a blackcurrant!
Loganberry -  a thornless cross between a blackberry and a raspberry!
Ligonberry Ida - great tart berries, with heavier cropping than the cranberry
Sunberry - With a similar flavour to the loganberry, these dark berries have a long cropping period
Tumelberry - a hybrid similar to the original tayberry

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