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Grape Vines

Grape Vines

Grape vines galore

Our range of grape vines include:

Black Hamburg - an easy to grow black grape that fruits in abundance
Lakemont - produces large clusters of small-medium sized delicious white seedless grapes
Pheonix - a robust, disease resistant vine with heavy crops of golden, fragrant grapes early October - very tasty
Regent - an outdoor, disease resistant red wine variety with low acidity and high sugar levels, yielding fruit early October. When fully ripened can be used as a table grape
Rondo - a dark grape used to make soft, fruity red wine
Seyval Blanc - a hybrid wine grape variety used to make white wine
Theresa - an indoor table grape with high yields. Pick end of October with high sugar levels. Excellent disease resistance.

Please check availability before making a special journey

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