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Coprosma macrocarpa

Coprosma macrocarpa

A coprosma that's rare in the wild

A large shrub from New Zealand that will reach about 2m in height, and is quite rare in the wild. Female plants will produce orange red berries in the autumn if grown with a male. They should be planted in full sun in a well drained soil.

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Coprosma virescens

Coprosma robusta
Found in forest and scrubland in New Zealand, this Coprosma has attractive glossy dark green leaves, with paler green undersides. With small flowers followed by yellow-orange fruits, it performs best in part shade and a moist (but not wet) soil.

Coprosma Scarlet O'Hara

Coprosma cunninghamii x macrocarpa
This unusual sun loving evergreen shrub from New Zealand has smallish leathery, wavy edged leaves. It will grow to about 2m/6.5ft high but maybe more in favourable conditions. We believe this to be a particularly wind tolerant variety, perfect for the coast.

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