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Correa alba

Correa alba

An Australian shrub for winter colour

This freely branching evergreen shrub of Australian origin (height 2m/6.5ft, spread 1-2m/3.3-6.5ft) bears short, bell shaped, sometimes pink tinted, waxy white flowers in clusters from early summer to late autumn. It should be hardy down to about -5oC, so protected in hard winters. It should be planted in well drained soil in full sun or partial shade – and it also makes a great conservatory specimen plant.

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Correa backhouseana
A spreading evergreen shrub (max height 1-2m/3.3-6.5ft, max spread 1.5-2.5m/4.9-8.2ft) with hairy rust-red stems, heart-shaped dark green leaves and small clusters of tubular, pale reddish green or cream flowers from September to March. It should be planted in a sheltered sunny spot or in partial shade in a moist but well drained neutral or acidic soil.

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