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Cornus Flaviramea

Cornus Flaviramea

Sucking shrub with bright yellow-green shoots

A vigorous suckering shrub (max height 2m/6.5ft, max spread 4m/13ft) with bright yellow-green winter shoots, and dark green leaves which turn a wonderful red or orange in autumn. White flowers, April to June are followed by white, often blue tinged berries July time. It should do well in full sun in any soil.

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Cornus Variegata
A vigorous shrub (max height and spread 3m/9.8ft) with grey-green leaves, margined white, and turning a wonderful red in autumn. When these leaves fall, stunning bright red shoots are revealed, adding lovely winter colour to the garden. White flowers in May/June are followed by white berries, often blue tinged berries. It does well in most soil types, in full sun.

Cornus Midwinter Fire

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