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Tree Fern Trunks Arrive at Trevena Cross

Posted on by Trevena Cross

Stocks of one of the most popular and most admired of all plants/trees we sell – the Dicksonia antarctica tree fern, have been replenished! Last week a lorry load of tree fern trunks arrived at Trevena Cross, and for a limited time only we’re able to offer them to you at a special price…

£35 per foot of trunk (instead of the usual £40 per foot) – a price that applies to trunks ranging in size from 1ft all the way up to 5ft, so suiting most gardens!

stack of tree fern trunks  Dicksonia antarctica tree fern trunks

For those after something a little bigger, we have 6ft trunks available at £40 per foot… so for £240, and on the way shortly – (watch for the announcement of them landing on Trevena Cross ‘terra firma!…) giant 7ft and 8ft trunks,which will be available at £50 per foot, so for £350 and £400 respectively.

All prices mentioned apply for a LIMITED TIME ONLY while being sold as bare trunks. Once potted up in the nursery prices will rise by £5 per foot with 1ft-5ft trunks then available at £40 per foot, 6ft trunks available at £45 per foot, and 7ft-8ft trunks available at £55 per foot.

In summary:

Bare trunks (LIMITED TIME ONLY):
1ft-5ft – £35 per foot
6ft – £40 per foot
7ft-8ft – £50 per foot (arrival to be confirmed)

Potted trunks:
1ft-5ft – £40 per foot
6ft – £45 per foot
7ft-8ft – £55 per foot

One great thing about the trunks – apart from the reduced price – is that they’re easy to transport – whether you’re local or visiting from afar on holiday, they’re easy to wrap and pop in the boot of the car (particularly the smaller ones!) without worrying about damaging the beautiful fronds, which you can then enjoy watching emerge from the trunk in your own garden!

Is it time to enjoy a majestic tree fern… or yet ANOTHER majestic tree fern in your garden? 😉

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Posted on by Trevena Cross

Easter this coming weekend… and we’ll be OPEN over the whole Easter period, including Easter Sunday (usual trading hours).

Due to trading laws we will unfortunately only be able to make plant sales on Easter Sunday (as we grow these on site in the nursery),  but the cafe will be open as usual too, serving up a delicious Sunday Roast alongside its usual full menu!

We will also have our FREE Children’s Easter Egg Hunt in operation from Thursday 13th – Monday 17th April – where children are invited to hunt the 10 hidden eggs around the garden centre, and win a lovely plant to take home and plant in the garden this spring!

Egg Hunt sign

Lots of plant special offers will also be up for grabs this weekend, including 3ltr Lavender Grosso (the best for Cornwall!) on at 4 for £20 (£6.95 each), and Perennial Mesembryanthemum packs (6 plants per pack) for just £1.50 per pack (normally £2.99 per pack).

Lots of bedding packs (£2.99 four-packs), all grown in our on-site nursery, will also be available for sale so that you can get busy with your pots in the garden over the long weekend!

We look forward to seeing you!

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HALF PRICE SALE in the gift department

Posted on by Trevena Cross

Joining the sale bandwagon this January, we currently have a fantastic HALF PRICE SALE on many lines in our gift department! From bags to photo frames, skirts to children’s toys, we have a wide range of fantastic bargains waiting to be snapped up!

Sale includes:
All Zand skirts
All Shruti and Junction 18 products – which covers a wide range of bags and cases (different designs), scarves, home accessories (Shruti blankets NOT included in the sale).
A wide range of photo frames
Fair Trade Lanka Kade children’s wooden toys/puzzles
Suki children’s soft toys
Life charms
Di Palomo toiletries
Panier des sens en Provence toiletries

Half price Zand skirts Half price photo frames Half price Shruti bags Half price Shruti scarves

With a genuine requirement for space, so that we can introduce lots of wonderful new products to the department this 2017, we unfortunately must say goodbye to some of our existing lines. This discontinuing stock won’t hang about for long so come and snap up a bargain now!

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Bank Holiday Bargains!

Posted on by Trevena Cross

The bargain hunters amongst you should be super happy to hear that our Bargain Bay is currently rammed with bargains following a major nursery clear-out! Fantastic plants – the only thing they’re guilty of is taking up long term residence in the nursery, (and that’s not their fault :-))

Plants for Bargain Bay Plants destined for Bargain Bay

Time to shift the old to make way for the new!… as part of our ongoing developments and improvements to the nursery and the garden centre, in this, the year of our 40th anniversary. Great news for you! All sorts of mature shrubs etc are ready and waiting for you, as if there weren’t enough reasons to visit already this bank holiday weekend, with the other great special offers across the planteria and in the shop, masses of lovely plants, beautiful gifts, delicious food (from the Garden Kitchen Cafe) and a great FREE Animal Hunt to keep the children entertained on your visit!

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Patio Offers & Perennial Heaven

Posted on by Trevena Cross

While bedding season may be coming to an end for us here at Trevena Cross, we still have fabulous patio colour to tempt you with…

If the pictures below aren’t temptation enough, then perhaps the BUY ONE GET ONE FREE offer on all small patio plants (£1.95 each) and 5 FOR £10.00 on one litre patio plants (£2.50 each) will be! Guaranteed to bring beautiful colour to the patio and garden through the summer, the huge variety of plants still on offer will also complement other summer plantings like troughs or borders of mixed perennials.

Yellow Biden patio plant Planter of yellow Biden patio plants White patio plant Yellow Osteospermum flower close-up Yellow Osteospermum flowers Maroon patio flower Blue and white patio flower White patio colour Pink patio flowers Purple patio flowers Dark patio foliage Pretty purple patio flowers Pink gerberas A yellow Biden flower
We do also have a huge range of perennials, everything from A through to Z, ready to burst with colour this summer! Large four litre perennial plants are priced at £7.95 each (with special offers etc to be had throughout the season too!)

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Buy Five Get One Free on Trevena Cross Bedding Packs

Posted on by Trevena Cross


We’re celebrating 40 years of business this year, and to kick-start the celebrations, we’re honouring the best selection of bedding and patio packs we’ve ever had available, (mainly due to growing them all ourselves this year, in our new (HUGE) nursery tunnel!)

The Special Offer?


For every five packs you buy, we’ll give you another one free.
Buy 10 packs… get two free
Buy 15 packs… get three free
Buy 20 packs… get four free, …and so on!

Already exceptional value at just £2.99 a pack, this offer brings them down to just £2.49 a pack!…that’s just 62p per plant! Not bad for an enduring display of wonderful colour in pots, baskets or any spare corner of the garden this season!

A few examples of how we compare against a couple of local competitors…

Trevena Cross Non stop Begonia (4-pack) £2.99
(Wyevale Lelant: Non stop Begonia (6-pack) £11.99)

Trevena Cross Patio Plants (4-pack) £2.99..(75p per plant)
(The Range: 3 for £5.00…(1.67 per plant)

Trevena Cross Violas (9-pack) £2.99
(Wyevale Lelant: Violas (10-pack) £7.99)

For a more comprehensive list of competitor comparisons like those above, please click here.

petunia bedding pack  pink geranium pack

Non-stop Begonia pack  Purple petunias pack

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Dicksonia antarctica tree fern trunks on the way…

Posted on by Trevena Cross

On the way and available next month, will be a cracking range of robust Dicksonia antarctica tree fern trunks… all sizes… 1 – 7ft+ tall/long

(instead of the usual £40 a foot)
*The largest, oldest, most impressive 7ft+ specimens will be available at £45 a foot.

Dicksonia antarctica is a ‘soft tree fern’ from Australia, with large fronds. Around this time of year, last year’s growth can be seen around the edge of the trunk, with new growth/fronds visibly emerging from the centre of the trunk. These will unfold and grow towards the sun — displaying a beautifully majestic ‘frond-full’ specimen!

The trunk should be planted in a moisture retentive soil in a cool shaded position out of strong winds. Larger specimens can be hardy down to -10°C but in cold areas the crown should be protected with a mulch of bracken or straw. It should be watered freely, especially in warm weather.

Dicksonia antarctica tree fern trunks Dicksonia antarctica tree fern trunk tops

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Bare Root Bargains NOW HALF PRICE

Posted on by Trevena Cross

All bare root stock is now HALF MARKED PRICE.

Stock includes raspberry canes, hedging plants and trees in pots of 10’s. Last chance to get some real bargains in your basket… and in the ground before bare root season is over for another year.

Bare root whips  Raspberry Canes

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We have gone ‘pot potty’…

Posted on by Trevena Cross

A super-smart display of glazed pots, courtesy of Woodlodge Products, who supply all of our quality, frost-proof pots, has landed! Designs aplenty in copious shapes and sizes -there really is a pot for every garden and every taste. Special offer prices too!

And the ranges?

‘Heritage’…crafted by skilled potters to bring style, beauty and craftsmanship to any patio or garden setting.

Heritage Woodlodge Pots

‘Blossom’…a special blend of locally sourced sustainable clay prepared by experienced craftsman to produce a wide variety of shapes and finishes.

‘National Trust’…inspiration drawn from the belief that everyone needs beautiful views and green spaces to be inspired, feel nourished and to grow. …And from the beautiful gardens The National Trust looks after.

National Trust Pot Collection

‘Pacific’…frost-proof pottery

Pacific Woodlodge Pots

‘Lightweight’…contemporary garden planters

Lightweight Woodlodge Pots

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Sale on Bedding & Patio Colour

Posted on by Trevena Cross

All bedding packs and patio plants on labelled benches are now just £1 each! AND there is still a fantastic variety of plants and range of colour to choose from…. hundreds of plants waiting to be snapped at bargain basement prices! You really could feel like a kid in a sweet shop walking around the benches here.

We were able to grow huge volumes of plants in our newly expanded nursery this year and simply have to shift the bedding and patio plants  to make space for new growing and the potting on required up in the nursery.

Be quick though, word is already out and the offer only stands while stocks last!….

Sale, bedding and patio plants just £1 each Sale, all pack bedding now just £1 Sale, all plants on this bench just £1 each

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