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Treat Mum with something ‘Trevena Cross’ this Mother’s Day!

Posted on by Trevena Cross

It’s not too late to put mission ‘spoil mum’ into action ready for this Sunday 26th March… also to be known as Mother’s Day!

We have heaps of ‘pretty things’ in the shop – gorgeous gifts and keepsakes that will give mum that warm, fuzzy feeling this weekend and make her feel extra special! From jewellery to toiletries, tableware to kitchenware, there’s a whole host of options to choose from!

Mother's Day9 Mother's Day10 Mother's Day1 Mother's Day2 Mother's Day3 Mother's Day4 Mother's Day5 Mother's Day6 Mother's Day7 Mother's Day8

We’ll also have Mother’s Day pots and houseplants available to treat mum with this weekend!… Or our Trevena Cross gift vouchers are always a great option if you just can’t make the decision for her!

The Garden Kitchen Cafe is booked to the rafters and gearing up to serve lots of wonderful mums and their families a delicious Sunday Roast this Sunday, but if you haven’t been lucky enough to get in with a booking for Sunday lunch you could always treat mum to a lazy all day breakfast on Saturday morning instead?…Or to tea and scummy cake Saturday afternoon? – Why not make it ‘mum’s weekend’… she deserves more than one day to be celebrated after all!

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Protea Heaven at Trevena Cross

Posted on by Trevena Cross

A couple of weeks ago a stunning assortment of the rare, exotic plants we’re historically renowned for, landed on Trevena Cross terra firma – a fantastic range of ‘rare plants’ including mini King Proteas, Leucadendrons, Leucospermums, Banksias and Grevillea are all stealing the limelight on benches in our two undercover plant areas. The specifically selected beauties, which have come all the way from Italy, have been chosen for their ability to withstand harsher temperatures (-5 to -10 degrees C depending on variety) than some of their counterparts.

mini king protea Grevilleas Leucadendron Burgundy Sunset Leucodendron Mrs Stanley Leucospermum Copper Carnival Leucospermum Copper Carnival3 Leucospermum Copper Carnival5 mini king protea bud mini king protea bud3 Protea Little Prince2

The key thing to remember with these plants is their LOVE of acidic soil and HATE for phosphates. Members of the Proteaceae family require an acidic, very well drained soil – or specially formulated protea compost, like our own here at Trevena Cross, which contains low/no phosphates. They should also be fed with a specifically formulated (no phosphate) fertiliser too, like our own Trevena Cross Protea Fertilisers – both slow release (12 month feed) and soluble (top-up boost in the spring).

These dramatic focal points enjoy a sunny position in the garden – just be sure to keep them well watered during the growing season.

Without doubt, the range of flowers/bracts/foliage displayed by different members of the Protea family are rarely matched by any other species when it comes to showiness!

Why not introduce a new talking point to your garden this spring?

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Exclusive: Gorgeous NEW Jewellery Range Now In

Posted on by Trevena Cross

As promised a couple of weeks ago, the gift team will be bringing you a feast of irresistible new delights in the gift department this year, following an insightful and very productive visit to the Spring Fair at the NEC in Birmingham earlier in the month.

Kicking off our new gift introductions  – JUST IN – is a delightful range of jewellery made with real flowers, that you simply won’t find elsewhere locally. The team were balled over by the level of interest shown in this range of jewellery at the Spring Fair, and set to be a popular customer favourite couldn’t resist finding a home for it in the department… and ultimately sharing it with you, our customers. The sterling silver adjustable rings (i.e. one size fits all) was also Gift of the Year Winner 2017, and when you look at them you can see why… only right that they get the special recognition they deserve.

Shrieking Violet Ring - Heather Shrieking Violet Ring - Purple Haze Shrieking Violet Ring - Mixed Flower Shrieking Violet Ring- Forget-me-nots

With Mothering Sunday little more than a month away, it also offers a perfect  – and unique – gift idea for mum!

Handcrafted with sterling silver and tiny flowers encapsulated in resin – the different ranges of rings, pendants, earrings, bangles and bracelets really are unique! We have four beautiful ranges in the shop to start with: Heather, Purple Haze, Mixed Flower, and Forget-Me-Nots (designs reflected inthe four rings illustrated above).

Forget-me-not bangle Heather heart earrings Purple Haze round pendant

Watch this space for more on this NEW jewellery range, and the chance to WIN one of the gorgeous rings for sale, in the first of a series of Trevena Cross videos set to run through the season! We’ll be bringing you snippets of everything Trevena Cross, from bedding plants to gifts, compost to hedging. Don’t miss it on our Facebook page!

(Rings priced at £29.99 each, with pieces across the ranges generally £24.99 – £44.99).

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Hedging versus Wooden Fencing

Posted on by Trevena Cross

The important thing to remember, without resigning yourself to unnecessary future upheaval, is that the decision you make about which screen or garden perimeter you choose for your garden is a really important decision and one for the long term, or even lifetime if you’re in your ‘forever home’. You therefore need to consider the lifetime value of the decision, not just the initial outlay or simple monetary implications.

The outlay for a six foot fence panel, cemented in with two eight foot wooden posts may be just £60 for the materials but if you were considering a professional install, the costs could soon stack up into the hundreds. A DIY approach to fence erection requires confidence and patience – accurate measuring and precise leveling, with time to wait for cement to set etc… The end result also requiring staining/weatherproofing, and annual maintenance to retain peak condition. A fence while robust, may also struggle in the harshest of winds/weather conditions, certainly when compared with a robust hedge, so unexpected maintenance issues should also be factored into the equation.

fencing panel

While we appreciate it’s not for everyone, our top pick without question would be a hardy planted natural hedge – something like the wonderful apple green Griselinia littoralis. The initial outlay for a few large 20ltr plants (used to cover the equivalent width of a 6ft fencing panel) may be more expensive in terms of initial outlay (our large, bushy 20ltr Griselinia plants are priced at £35.95 each, with quantity discounts in place for bulk buys), but the lifetime value of the finished hedge is priceless. Aesthetically, as an established hedge, it creates a very pleasing impression, and can be trimmed to any desired height  – unrestricted by the limits of a 6ft fencing panel. If you want a 7ft…8ft…9ft screen, you can. The choice is yours. The actual install can be handed over to a gardener/landscaper but is also perfectly manageable by a garden novice – with a bit of manpower behind you.

Once established a bushy hedge requires little maintenance – just an annual hedge cut as desired, and it can withstand harsh conditions, rarely succumbing to the sometimes brutal force of mother nature. In windy Cornwall, this point is particularly important, and all of our hedging options are not only the hardiest, but also able to withstand differing levels of salt-laden winds, whether suited to sheltered inlets near the coast (in the case of Griselinia) or the most exposed clifftop locations (as in the case of Olearia Laxifolia).

Newly planted 20ltr Griselinia hedge

If it’s a long term solution to screening that you’re after – an established hedge is definitely the way to go. And if you have time to wait for your hedge to grow and establish you can always opt for smaller plants at a cheaper cost (5ltr Griselinia £9.95 each), rather than buying an ‘instant hedge’ straight off.

Whatever the dilemma, don’t be afraid to take advice and take your time to make the right decision for you and your garden.

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Make your garden a peaceful, private haven

Posted on by Trevena Cross

As we all settle into the swing of 2017, goals for the home and garden this year creep onto the agenda, and we find one popular goal for the garden, before the main planting and ‘pretty’ seasons get underway, is ensuring quality garden boundaries are in place, that create the right level of privacy, screen out neighbours and any troublesome eyesores, and also provide great levels of protection for the rest of the garden, as windbreaks – particularly relevant at this time of year, when we often endure the worst of our annual weather!

Last year we assisted one customer, Mr S, who lived not far from Plymouth, with his urgent hedging requirements. Mr S had been away from home for a short while and when he returned was met with an unwelcome surprise. His neighbour had erected a boundary ‘fence’ out of different sized pallets. An eyesore to Mr S, he needed a solution and fast!

Pallet fence before hedging screen planted

After getting in touch with us, we quickly arranged for a pallet of our tall, bushy attractive 20ltr Griselinia plants to be delivered to him, in order to create a very natural and aesthetically pleasing screen in front of the pallets. Immediately planted, this ‘instant hedging’ option was able to provide an immediate solution to the problem. Its appearance will only improve over time too, as the newly planted hedge settles in, and bushes out even more to form a completely solid, natural screen and windbreak.

Newly planted 20ltr Griselinia hedge Newly planted 20ltr Griselinia hedge Newly planted 20ltr Griselinia hedge

Robust, quality, low maintenance hedging plants are often a much better option than man-made alternatives, for creating screens and barriers. They can work out a lot cheaper to install for one, but the fact that they are all natural, lends them to being a great complementary backdrop for other planting within the garden too – or as a great contrast to very colourful, bold planting statements in the garden. The point is, they’re very versatile, and they just ‘fit’ so well with a garden landscape. Man-made structures have to work a lot harder to try and achieve this same effect, and seldom ever do.

Check out our hedging options – like the highly recommended Griselinia littoralis, and see what might work for you in your garden!

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Trevena Cross Christmas Trees

Posted on by Trevena Cross

Our Christmas trees, cut and potted, will be landing on Trevena Cross soil shortly, and ready for sale the very end of November/beginning of December (watch for announcement for specific date!) …So we wanted to give you a heads-up as to what will be on offer this year… specifically drawing your attention to our EXCELLENT VALUE Norway Spruce and Nordmann Firs!

A massive number of Norway Spruces ranging from 5ft up to 7.4ft will be available for only £20!…And a massive range of Nordmann Firs ranging from 5ft up to 7.4ft will be available for only £25!

We will also have the lovely Alaskan Lodgepole Pine, which was a popular choice with many of you last year, and so has returned to the mix again this year!

Click on the images below for a full list of this year’s trees!

Cut Christmas Tree PricesPotted Christmas Tree Prices

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Magic Grasses

Posted on by Trevena Cross

Grasses are looking magic at the moment! Great additions to the garden at this time of year, when many other plants aren’t looking their best. These gems really make the most of the autumn breeze as they rustle and wave…

We have  a great variety – 64 varieties to be exact! – to choose from, in an array of wonderful colours and sizes. From Pennisetum to Libertia, Stipa to Carex, Miscanthus to Ophiopogon… and it’s our plant of the month too – find out more here…

peacock statue among grasses grass bench at Trevena Cross grasses at Trevena Cross autumn grass black grass variegated grass flowering grass flowering grass 2

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Bedding and bulb arrivals signal seasonal changes

Posted on by Trevena Cross

As we cling on to the last couple of weeks of summer (please just a little bit more sunshine…please please!) and people head home after the holidays, thoughts turn to the seasons ahead, the slightly less bright but definitely more breezy autumn – when bulb planting is a must!… And winter – when bedding plants do a great job at bringing colour to darker spaces.

Both bedding and bulbs are being thrust upon us this week; an unavoidable sign of the changing seasons and our imminent changing gardens. (Pop by to pick both up over the bank holiday weekend!)

Buy & plant winter bedding  spring bulbs to plant this autumn

While the BBQ may not see much more action after the next month or so (if we get lucky this September!) there will still be plenty of action in the garden before dormancy of winter hits. Preparations for next spring can begin; planting your favourite shrubs, trees, climbers, and bulbs for a fantastic spring display, sowing green manure for great spring soil, and of course preparation for the looming winter can also get underway during the beautiful autumn, both by making a big, bold, colourful bedding statement and doing practical checks of useful autumn/winter structures, e.g. the greenhouse, shed and compost bin.

Another summer may well be drawing to a close but we hope you’ve had a wonderful one… and of course there’s still plenty left to look forward to this 2016!

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Bank Holiday Bargains!

Posted on by Trevena Cross

The bargain hunters amongst you should be super happy to hear that our Bargain Bay is currently rammed with bargains following a major nursery clear-out! Fantastic plants – the only thing they’re guilty of is taking up long term residence in the nursery, (and that’s not their fault :-))

Plants for Bargain Bay Plants destined for Bargain Bay

Time to shift the old to make way for the new!… as part of our ongoing developments and improvements to the nursery and the garden centre, in this, the year of our 40th anniversary. Great news for you! All sorts of mature shrubs etc are ready and waiting for you, as if there weren’t enough reasons to visit already this bank holiday weekend, with the other great special offers across the planteria and in the shop, masses of lovely plants, beautiful gifts, delicious food (from the Garden Kitchen Cafe) and a great FREE Animal Hunt to keep the children entertained on your visit!

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Bring in the butterflies & other wondrous wildlife

Posted on by Trevena Cross

Summer is the most common time to see brilliant butterflies fluttering about in the garden, in search of the valuable nectar they need to feed on for energy. Summer colour (and indeed year-round colour) can be combined with a butterfly haven, using simple, open flower blooms that the butterflies love. Nectar-rich plants are in abundance, with hundreds to choose from to suit virtually any site or soil, and therefore almost every single garden out there! …All gardens can be ‘fuelling stations’ for our garden friends, from butterflies to bees, moths to other valuable insects.

A snapshot of ‘top picks’ for butterflies for the late (July-September season):
Buddleja davidii varieties
Sedums (spectabile and telephinium varieties)
Rudbeckia varieties
Verbena bonariensis

Choosing a range of plants with different flowering periods will ensure that there is something in bloom for the butterflies to feast on in spring, summer and autumn however. A number of species hibernate and will require ‘fuel’ after re-waking in the spring… and months later will require a stockpile of ‘fuel’ to see them through hibernation in the winter.
While flowers are important to feed adult butterflies, suitable sites are also needed for them to lay their eggs and feed their caterpillars. A good ‘wildlife friendly’ garden should be able to cater for the complete ‘circle of life’ and the butterfly at every stage of theirs.

See our ‘Bee & Butterfly Friendly’ leaflet for more information and ideas about what to plant to attract wildlife into your garden.

General advice for attracting wildlife into the garden:
Provide a water source – From a simple birdbath to a garden pond, introducing a source of fresh water to your garden will act as a magnet for all sorts of species. Even a puddle could provide a useful resource for wildlife friends!
Food – Nectar is essential for many insects such as butterflies, moths and bees. Plant flowers that have simple single structures, which means the nectar is easily available to insects. Masses of single flowers are better than few double blooms. Wildflowers also offer a great source of food – they did evolve with the wildlife after all
Shelter – A patch of nettles, a log pile, a hedge, all provide a form of shelter to various forms of wildlife. If your garden is lacking, it is very simple to construct your own e.g. stacked hollow bamboo canes can make a great bee box/nesting site.

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