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Tree Fern Trunks Arrive at Trevena Cross

Posted on by Trevena Cross

Stocks of one of the most popular and most admired of all plants/trees we sell – the Dicksonia antarctica tree fern, have been replenished! Last week a lorry load of tree fern trunks arrived at Trevena Cross, and for a limited time only we’re able to offer them to you at a special price…

£35 per foot of trunk (instead of the usual £40 per foot) – a price that applies to trunks ranging in size from 1ft all the way up to 5ft, so suiting most gardens!

stack of tree fern trunks  Dicksonia antarctica tree fern trunks

For those after something a little bigger, we have 6ft trunks available at £40 per foot… so for £240, and on the way shortly – (watch for the announcement of them landing on Trevena Cross ‘terra firma!…) giant 7ft and 8ft trunks,which will be available at £50 per foot, so for £350 and £400 respectively.

All prices mentioned apply for a LIMITED TIME ONLY while being sold as bare trunks. Once potted up in the nursery prices will rise by £5 per foot with 1ft-5ft trunks then available at £40 per foot, 6ft trunks available at £45 per foot, and 7ft-8ft trunks available at £55 per foot.

In summary:

Bare trunks (LIMITED TIME ONLY):
1ft-5ft – £35 per foot
6ft – £40 per foot
7ft-8ft – £50 per foot (arrival to be confirmed)

Potted trunks:
1ft-5ft – £40 per foot
6ft – £45 per foot
7ft-8ft – £55 per foot

One great thing about the trunks – apart from the reduced price – is that they’re easy to transport – whether you’re local or visiting from afar on holiday, they’re easy to wrap and pop in the boot of the car (particularly the smaller ones!) without worrying about damaging the beautiful fronds, which you can then enjoy watching emerge from the trunk in your own garden!

Is it time to enjoy a majestic tree fern… or yet ANOTHER majestic tree fern in your garden? 😉

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