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Dicksonia antarctica tree fern trunks finally arrive!

Posted on by Trevena Cross

Our long awaited delivery of Dicksonia antarctica tree fern trunks – all sizes – finally hit Trevena Cross tarmac yesterday! It took around three hours of nursery staff blood, sweat and tears to offload the heavy, dusty trunks… but they did it!

Many will be potted up in the nursery, before coming onto the garden centre, although bare trunks (not potted) will also be available to buy for a limited time at our reduced/special price of just £35 per foot of trunk (7ft & 8ft trunks £45 per foot).

Once potted up, they will be available for sale at £40 per foot of trunk (7ft & 8ft £50 per foot).

And as for their arrival yesterday – we’ll let pictures do the talking!…

large tree fern trunk pallet nursery staff unloading lorry nursery staff unloading tree ferns lorry of tree ferns dicksonia trunks pile of dicksonia antarctica trunks 2 stack of tree fern trunks tree fern trunk ends dicksonia antarctica tree fern trunks lorry of tree fernspile of dicksonia antarctica trunks


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Trevena Cross Celebrates 40 Years of Business

Posted on by Trevena Cross

Trevena Cross Nurseries is celebrating 40 years of business this year, a very important milestone for owners Graham Jeffery, his wife Rachel, and his mum Pam Jeffery. From little more than a market stall, the business has today become the biggest independent producer of plants in Cornwall – quite some achievement, and something its owners and staff are very proud of.

Spanning more than 35 acres of land, the nursery growing area supplies the garden centre with more than 90% of the plants that it sells, which is unique for a garden centre locally. From its roots specialising in rare and exotic plants, Trevena Cross has broadened its horizons to become a garden centre for everyone – stocking a huge range of shrubs, perennials, hedging plants, specimen trees, seasonal bedding, patio plants, and a huge range of purposeful plants, such as its big coastal range, shade loving collection and grow your own assortment.

Graham comments:

“Over the years we’ve come to realise that the needs of every customer is different, and while challenging, it is our responsibility to try and cater for each and every one, whether they be an experienced plant expert or someone who has never put a plant in the ground before”.

“Customer trends have changed over time. While real plant fanatics were responsible for the bulk of our business at one time, these days it is mainly about making life easy for people who want to enjoy beauty and colour in their garden, but don’t have the knowledge required or time to spend growing from scratch. Providing simple solutions, with clear guidance along the way is enabling so many of our customers to enjoy their gardens with increasing confidence, and that’s what it’s all about”.

Graham in the undercover area Graham in Trevena Cross plant area

While plants have always remained at the heart of the centre, it has made a name for itself in other areas too, developing one of the biggest gift departments in West Cornwall in its shop, and just last year doubling the size of its popular on site Garden Kitchen Café.

These areas of the business continue to grow at a rapid rate, and Trevena Cross continues to adapt to growing visitor numbers – increasing growing space in the nursery with new heated tunnels, installing new biomass boilers in the nursery and on the garden centre, extending the overflow carpark, and generally facilitating future growth as well as a destination for events, such as its big Christmas weekends when Trevena Cross draws crowds from far and wide.

Of the people that have helped get the business to where it is today, Graham comments:

“Our customers are our biggest asset. We have so many loyal customers who have remained with us over the years, and we want to thank them so much for all their support. Forty years on, it is also still a great pleasure to welcome new faces through the doors on a daily basis and show them what we’re all about”.

“It is family run, independent businesses like ours that need local support in a business world where multi-national chains and conglomerates increasingly try to dominate”.

Trevena Cross Nurseries has remained in the same family since its launch in 1976 when Graham and his late father took control of little more than a market stall each – one in Helston town, and one at the current Old Cattle Market site. They could have only imagined the business it would become in 2016, and who knows where it might be in another 40 years!

Trevena Cross bedding tunnel 2016

Trevena Cross will be marking its 40th anniversary in various ways and with a number of offers as the year progresses, so look out for updates on our Facebook page.

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Buy Five Get One Free on Trevena Cross Bedding Packs

Posted on by Trevena Cross


We’re celebrating 40 years of business this year, and to kick-start the celebrations, we’re honouring the best selection of bedding and patio packs we’ve ever had available, (mainly due to growing them all ourselves this year, in our new (HUGE) nursery tunnel!)

The Special Offer?


For every five packs you buy, we’ll give you another one free.
Buy 10 packs… get two free
Buy 15 packs… get three free
Buy 20 packs… get four free, …and so on!

Already exceptional value at just £2.99 a pack, this offer brings them down to just £2.49 a pack!…that’s just 62p per plant! Not bad for an enduring display of wonderful colour in pots, baskets or any spare corner of the garden this season!

A few examples of how we compare against a couple of local competitors…

Trevena Cross Non stop Begonia (4-pack) £2.99
(Wyevale Lelant: Non stop Begonia (6-pack) £11.99)

Trevena Cross Patio Plants (4-pack) £2.99..(75p per plant)
(The Range: 3 for £5.00…(1.67 per plant)

Trevena Cross Violas (9-pack) £2.99
(Wyevale Lelant: Violas (10-pack) £7.99)

For a more comprehensive list of competitor comparisons like those above, please click here.

petunia bedding pack  pink geranium pack

Non-stop Begonia pack  Purple petunias pack

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Trevena Cross Competitor Price Comparison

Posted on by Trevena Cross

We want to ensure that all of our customers get great value for money – and in many cases exceptional value for money if we can offer it! We have always grown the vast majority (90%+) of our plants on site in our nursery to cut out the ‘middle man’ when it comes to sourcing mature plants. That way, we can pass on the savings to our customers….and be sure that our plants have been grown in a way that meets our high standards – in the best compost, with the best fertiliser, in the best growing conditions we’re able to provide.

Trevena Cross plants are propagated from seed or are grown from small plugs supplied by carefully sourced, specialist nurseries. They are ‘quality’ plants, that will produce impressive, enduring displays of their best quality, whether that be beautiful blooms or striking foliage. They are in a different league from the ‘equivalents’ you’ll find in many DIY or supermarket establishments that dabble in plants. These are often second grade plants grown on mass from seed abroad.

The unique nature of Trevena Cross, as both a nursery AND a garden centre, means we can offer you true value for money… Want an example? Click on the below image to find out how we fair against a couple of our closest competitors this bedding/patio season…

Trevena Cross Competitor Price Comparison

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