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Dicksonia antarctica tree fern trunks on the way…

Posted on by Trevena Cross

On the way and available next month, will be a cracking range of robust Dicksonia antarctica tree fern trunks… all sizes… 1 – 7ft+ tall/long

(instead of the usual £40 a foot)
*The largest, oldest, most impressive 7ft+ specimens will be available at £45 a foot.

Dicksonia antarctica is a ‘soft tree fern’ from Australia, with large fronds. Around this time of year, last year’s growth can be seen around the edge of the trunk, with new growth/fronds visibly emerging from the centre of the trunk. These will unfold and grow towards the sun — displaying a beautifully majestic ‘frond-full’ specimen!

The trunk should be planted in a moisture retentive soil in a cool shaded position out of strong winds. Larger specimens can be hardy down to -10°C but in cold areas the crown should be protected with a mulch of bracken or straw. It should be watered freely, especially in warm weather.

Dicksonia antarctica tree fern trunks Dicksonia antarctica tree fern trunk tops

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Trevena Cross Bedding Plants

Posted on by Trevena Cross

Why choose Trevena Cross Bedding Plants over alternatives from well-known (DIY/supermarket/garden centre) chains?

  • All grown on site in our 35 acre nursery
  • Grown in Humax Multipurpose compost for superior growth
  • Cherry picked by the owner from six specialist nurseries across the country, and selected for incomparable quality and range
  • Plants full of vigour, displaying multiple blooms and lasting colour though the seasons
  • In another league from cheap DIY store/supermarket bedding, grown from seed abroad (‘pile it high, ship it out’ approach)
  • We CARE about our plants… carefully choose them, carefully grow them, carefully nurture them. We know what we’re doing – we’re plant experts
  • Exceptional value for money – you get MORE than what you pay for. Because we grow the bedding plants / bedding packs ourselves, we cut out the ‘middle man’ when it comes to mature plants, and are able to offer you the finished plants at a very competitive price.
    Click here to see how our bedding/patio prices fair against a couple of local competitors. 

Trevena Cross bedding plants

sweet pea bedding pack petunia bedding pack pinks bedding pack Three bedding packsBedding packs Viola bedding packs

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Celebrating 40 years of Trevena Cross Nurseries!

Posted on by Trevena Cross

This year marks four whole decades since Trevena Cross Nurseries humble beginnings. In 1976 current owner Graham Jeffery founded the business with his late father. From a market stall in Helston… and one on the current Trevena Cross site, so the nursery was born; with cabbages mainly! Read more of the Trevena Cross story here.

Over the years the business has evolved into something truly remarkable… and now something beyond its ‘plant roots’. Its continued growth shows no sign of slowing down, as it tries hard to meet and exceed customers’ needs and expectations on a daily basis. Our customers (so many loyal ones – thank you!) are our biggest asset and 40 years on we want to thank you so much for all your support. It’s family run, independent businesses like Trevena Cross that need your support in a business world where multi-national chains and conglomerates increasingly try to dominate.

Click on the image below to read more…

Celebrating 40 years of Trevena Cross

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