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Who needs BOTOX when you have The Miracle Plant?

Posted on by Trevena Cross

When Trevena Cross owner Graham introduced unfamiliar herb, Acmella oleracea to us the other week by encouraging us to try eating a bit of its flower, we weren’t quite expecting it to have the impact that it did! With name ‘buzz buttons’ or ‘electric buttons’ commonly given to its flowers, we should have figured it wouldn’t be a subtle eat but nevertheless, shocked we were. One sampler described it as eating electricity crossed with coca cola!

Acmella oleracea flower

The researched benefits of consuming the plant are just as powerful though, it seems!

Plant lowdown…

Acmella oleracea (height 38cm/15inches, spread 60-70cm/24-30inches) is a small annual (in temperate regions) or perennial (in warmer climates) – so is best brought into a warm greenhouse or conservatory to deal with frost tenderness. An easy to grow and low maintenance plant with a spreading and trailing habit, it can be grown in the ground or makes a wonderful container plant. Its broad dark green leaves with bronze-purple veins and stems are complimented by its golden cone-shaped flowers, with contrasting red centres.

With medicinal – largely anaesthetic – properties, its most common and widespread use is in the treatment of toothache, throat and gum infections. Chewing on the fresh or dried flower is also bacteriostatic, so can help to fight tooth decay, as well as having a strong effect against E.coli and salmonella according to promising research.

The plant is further recommended as a cure for dysentery, rheumatism and malaria, as the flower heads contain up to 1.25% of spilanthol, an antiseptic alkaloid effective at very low concentrations against blood parasites. It also enhances the immune system.

In addition Acmella oleracea extract is reported to reduce muscle tension when applied topically, decreasing facial lines and wrinkles that are partially caused by tense or contracted facial muscles. Some people compare it to BOTOX®, without the toxic effects.

Culinary use can be found in its native Brazil where small amounts of fresh shredded leaves add a unique flavour to salads.

See…it really does seem to be a miracle plant!…Is there anything it doesn’t do?!!!

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We have gone ‘pot potty’…

Posted on by Trevena Cross

A super-smart display of glazed pots, courtesy of Woodlodge Products, who supply all of our quality, frost-proof pots, has landed! Designs aplenty in copious shapes and sizes -there really is a pot for every garden and every taste. Special offer prices too!

And the ranges?

‘Heritage’…crafted by skilled potters to bring style, beauty and craftsmanship to any patio or garden setting.

Heritage Woodlodge Pots

‘Blossom’…a special blend of locally sourced sustainable clay prepared by experienced craftsman to produce a wide variety of shapes and finishes.

‘National Trust’…inspiration drawn from the belief that everyone needs beautiful views and green spaces to be inspired, feel nourished and to grow. …And from the beautiful gardens The National Trust looks after.

National Trust Pot Collection

‘Pacific’…frost-proof pottery

Pacific Woodlodge Pots

‘Lightweight’…contemporary garden planters

Lightweight Woodlodge Pots

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Are you getting results? Try Neudorff Organic Fertiliser

Posted on by Trevena Cross

In a post last month we mentioned that there were a couple of growing media/products we’d achieved fantastic results with this season. One of these we covered – SylvaGrow peat-free compost. Another of these is Neudorff Organic Fertiliser, a compound fertiliser made from animal by-products, fermented vegetation residues, organic materials and living microorganisms – all natural, raw materials.

Containing mycorrhiza fungi, which helps extend the root system by up to 150 times what it might normally reach, and so increasing the uptake of nutrients and water, you’re sure to be left a plant that looks as impressive above the ground as it would  if you could see below it.

Neudorff Multipurpose Plant Food The MyccoVital-Effect

Child and pet safe, you’ll have no worries in this department either.

How to use it?
Mix with soil directly in the hole when planting, and spread around existing stocks of plants, loosely working it in with a hoe or similar (5-10cm deep). Water well after application. Effective for up to 3-4 months.

Available to buy here at Trevena Cross for just £5.99 a box. 

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Blooming Brilliant Agapanthus

Posted on by Trevena Cross

If you’re friends with us on Facebook you may have already seen some of these blooming brilliant agapanthus piccies already, but we wanted to share them here too – an amazing collection of Agapanthus Headbourne hydrids currently residing up in the nursery… just chilling out… blowing in the breeze! What a spectacle!

We’ll have plenty of these beauties available for sale in the future, alongside the many other agapanthus varieties showing off at the centre during the summer. It is one of our favourite perennials – and a real favourite with visitors to the county too; a lovely piece of Cornwall to take home!


Headbourne hybrids Agapanthus flowerhead Headbourne hybrids Agapanthus display Headbourne hybrids Agapanthus flowers Headbourne hybrids Agapanthus in the nursery Headbourne hybrids Agapanthus purple-blue flower Headbourne hybrids Agapanthus Headbourne hybrids Agapanthus close-up Headbourne hybrids Agapanthus clump

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