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It’s National Conifer Week again!

Posted on by Trevena Cross

Organised by the Horticultural Trades Association (HTA) and the British Conifer Group, National Conifer Week is running this week from 27th September – 5th October 2014. 

Despite the lovely pleasant, dry September most of us have been fortunate enough to enjoy, there are definitely signs that autumn is on the way, and with this season change, evergreen, structurally strong plants like conifers really come to the fore and their importance in the garden is realised.

Do you give these ‘back-benchers’ the time of day in your own garden? Do you have room to give a bit more structure to your space with one?

Conifers at Trevena Cross Nurseries

An annual event, see what we had to say about the humble conifer during last year’s National Conifer Week here. 

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Latest tunnel news. We have cover!

Posted on by Trevena Cross

Promised we’d keep you updated on NEW tunnel progress, so here it is… we have cover! The new tunnel has finally become a tunnel, as yesterday offered the perfect opportunity to get the cover on. (And a bonus – with a bit of late working the ‘tunnel guys’ who travelled back down to carry on the job they started a few weeks ago, also found time to replace the middle section of the triple span on the garden centre, which was ripped out by the fierce storms earlier in the year!)

Back to the tunnel, and Graham and Nick have today been busy laying the irrigation for the tunnel, mightily important when it comes to keeping the thirst of 20,000 plants well and truly quenched! The gravel is then being levelled and Mypex laid before we can finally move some plants in (fingers crossed, next week!)

Take a look at our latest piccies…

covered tunnel 1  covered tunnel 2covered tunnel 5  covered tunnel4

covered tunnel 3

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The tunnel gets a ton or two of gravel

Posted on by Trevena Cross

Our latest post brought news of the brand new growing tunnel now erected in the nursery, which will eventually house up to 20,000 new plants (4ltr pots).

Work to get it ready for use continues, as we make the most of largely dry weather before the ‘autumn showers’ inevitably get going (and who knows how long they might hang around?!)

This week we’ve been laying the ‘floor’, which has involved shifting and laying great quantities of mypex and gravel. Over such a large area this is no mean feat! John managed to take some piccies for us while the team were over there yesterday so see below for latest progress…

Gravelling the nursery tunnel Gravelling nursery tunnel 2 Gravelling nursery tunnel 3 Gravelling nursery tunnel 4 Gravelling nursery tunnel 5 Gravelling nursery tunnel 6

P.S – it’s blowing a hooley out there today but hopefully one day soon, we’ll also be able to get the tunnel covering on, and transform the space into an actual tunnel!

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NEW nursery tunnel goes up…

Posted on by Trevena Cross

Within the next couple of weeks we should have a brand spanking new tunnel in the nursery, in operation. What does that mean? Room to grow THOUSANDS more plants – and take stock grown on site from around the current 80% mark up to 90-95% – impressive huh?!


The tunnel frame is up and ready to be covered (Hurricane Bertha unfortunately delayed the cover going on a couple of weeks ago!)

The tunnel measures 33m wide x 39m long – that’s a total of 1,287 square metres!

The space in the tunnel will be able to house around 20,000 plants in large 4ltr pots (our standard size), allowing for a small gap around each pot.

We’ll keep you posted on the tunnel’s progress and updated about what we grow in there – after all, the end result will be on the garden centre and yours to take home in the next year or two! For now, here’s some photos of the tunnel as it started going up, and of the frame as it is now. More to follow when the cover goes on and we reach the finish line!…

(Click on the photos to get a better look!)

New Nursery Tunnel 1  New Nursery Tunnel 2

New Nursery Tunnel 3  New Nursery Tunnel 4

New Nursery Tunnel 5  New Nursery Tunnel 7

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