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Summer Flowering Bulbs from Trevena Cross Nurseries

Posted on by Trevena Cross

Easy but rewarding.

It’s time to choose those summer flowering bulbs – gorgeous begonias, dahlias, irises, liliums, crocosmia, freesias and so many more… ready for planting in early spring when everything begins to wake up and the wet weather (hopefully) subsides. The risk of bulbs rotting in waterlogged ground should be all but gone by then, leaving you able to focus on plans for great colour displays…

Purple Iris

Ensure the soil is well prepared with adequate drainage and then dig a hole around three times the length of your bulb from base to tip and place the bulbs in the hole with their ‘nose’ or shoot facing upwards. Space them at least twice the bulb’s width apart and then replace the soil, gently firming down with the back of a rake. Avoid treading on the soil where you’ve just planted if they’re in the ground – you may damage the bulbs.

With more showy flowers, try making a statement in pots or containers,  or take advantage of dramatic tall summer blooms, which can also create a wonderful sensory display with their fantastic scent – while taking up relatively little valuable space.

Often overshadowed by their earlier spring flowering counterparts, summer flowering bulbs don’t always get the publicity and limelight they deserve. Granted, the daffodil and tulip create a special first display of much-needed colour after a fairly colourless winter, but the pleasure summer flowering bulbs can bring to the garden, in combination with complementing shrubs, perennials and annuals shouldn’t be underestimated.

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Posted on by Trevena Cross

The latest addition to the Trevena Cross gift department will be a range of gorgeous products by the lovely KERNOWSPA.

This is a great Cornish addition to kick-start the New Year, following a successful Christmas period, during which, lots of our exciting gift lines were snapped up by enthused shoppers, as they sought gifts that couldn’t be found on your average high-street.

KERNOWSPA website snapshot

KERNOWSPA is a Cornish business specialising in high quality, handmade natural skincare and spa products. We know Trevena Cross customers value great products like this – over the last few months, Bronnley toiletries and fragrances, and Heathcote & Ivory products have been incredibly popular, and so it will be great to give Trevena Cross customers a new Cornish choice – offering superb gifts for others and for the self.

The KERNOWSPA range consists of diffusers, oils, and a wide range of toiletries – All handmade from only the finest ingredients.

Expected on the shelves within the next couple of weeks, we’ll let you know when they arrive!

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Gardening starts with pot luck!

Posted on by Trevena Cross

‘It starts with a pot’– a new PR initiative launched by the Horticultural Trades Association (HTA) is aiming to get even the most beginner and ‘scaredy cat’ gardeners out into the garden to make a difference this spring. The perceived complexities of gardening; of ‘getting it right’; which also encompasses the fear of being responsible for killing off the ‘newly planted’, puts a huge proportion of people off taking the plunge and getting out into the garden.

It Starts with a Pot Logo

‘It starts with a pot’ aims to encourage a straightforward, fun approach to planting. Simply planting up a few pots, containers, (or more imaginative and unusual vessels if you’re the creative type!) easily creates a high impact outdoor colour display with little effort or worry, and with only basic ongoing maintenance that the most novice gardener can easily succeed at. Pots also work in any size space – from a tiny courtyard to acres of garden, there is always a place for a pot or two.

We plan to go ‘pot potty’ this spring as we introduce a greater range of potted spring colour here at Trevena Cross Nurseries, and invite you to choose your own pot from our huge selection, to ‘pick n’ mix’ your own plants and pots. Knowledgeable growers ourselves, we’ll be on hand with expert advice regarding colour coordination, pot size, compost, drainage, feeding… and any other pot worries you may have, to help make your ‘potting experience’ an enjoyable one.

Small pot planter

For the more experienced, take advantage of the opportunity to make your pots the star of the garden this spring. Perhaps try utilising more unusual… even weird and wacky containers for your plantings. From welly boots, to watering cans, the only limit is your imagination!

For novice ‘potters’, start with our ‘Tubs & Baskets’ Guide to get the ball rolling!

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