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UPDATE Design a Christmas Card Competition!

Posted on by Trevena Cross

We have extra details regarding the National Garden Gift Vouchers ‘Design a Christmas Card Competition’ to share with you… concerning more chances to win!

NGGV Design a Christmas Card Competition

Open until 14th October 2013, the competition is open to entrants under 13 years old on 14th October 2013.  In addition to the top prize – a garden goodies prize worth £150 and the winning printed card design, all entrants also have a chance of being one of seven regional winners, who will each win £50 worth of National Garden Gift Vouchers! 

For the official media release by National Garden Gift Vouchers (NGGV) click herewhere you will also find full competition terms and conditions. Entry forms are also available to download at this same link, or they can be picked up as well as submitted here at Trevena Cross Nurseries – a participating store.

Hand over your entries to us by the 14th October and we’ll do the rest! Entrants won’t have to wait long to find out if they’re one of the lucky winners either – The winner will be chosen on the 18th October and announced soon after.

Best of luck to all your children, grandchildren, nephews, nieces… and any other festive feeling artistic 12 and unders!

P.S – Don’t forget, schools can enter too – and be in with a chance of winning £1,000 of National Garden Gift Vouchers for the school (as well as their winning pupil’s own printed card)! Get in touch ASAP for more on school participation!

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Shiny new floor in progress!

Posted on by Trevena Cross

We’re currently a bit at sixes and sevens in the shop, as it’s all hands on deck, quite literally, to get a new floor down. Cleaning, grinding, priming, painting… it’s certainly no mean feat, and we’re trying to get a good job done as quickly as possible in order to minimize disruption to you all!

New grey shop floor at Trevena Cross

You could be mistaken for thinking things are a bit ‘chaotic’ (or perhaps not so mistaken!!) at the moment, but we’re confident that the end result will be, without a doubt, worth it, and we truly appreciate your patience and understanding while we make good progress.

We’ve opted for a lovely grey colour for the floor, which shows off the white shelves, gorgeous gift items and other products within the shop beautifully! We’re still very much in the thick of it with lots of work to go, but we’re already sure we’ve made a good choice!

We’ll keep you posted with progress – we’re concentrating on one area of the shop at a time to try and keep some order, but no doubt you’ll notice our handiwork if you visit over the next couple of weeks! Don’t be put off – just please be understanding! 🙂 Thanks!

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Design a Christmas Card Competition

Posted on by Trevena Cross

The Horticultural Trades Association (HTA) has launched its ‘Design a Christmas Card Competition’ following the success of last years’ competition.

HTA Design a Christmas Card Competition

Running from the 12th September – 14th October 2013, the competition is open to children aged 12 years and under. The lucky winner will be awarded £150.00 of ‘garden goodies’ and will be able to see their winning design printed and used nationwide in time for Christmas!

A competition open to children across the UK, we’d love to see the winning entry come from Cornwall, and so this is a call to all you mums, dads and grandparents out there to get your children and grandchildren involved! Unleash the creative talents and vivid imaginations of your ‘little ones’  – pick up an entry form here at Trevena Cross Nurseries… (and post your entry in our ‘shop letterbox’ too if you like!)

Primary schools are also able to get involved this year, with pupil entries in with a chance of winning £1,000 of National Garden Gift Vouchers for their school and of having their design printed and used nationwide. Local schools across Cornwall are entitled to their own free marketing pack if interested in participating – simply get in touch with us and we’ll order one for your school! – But you haven’t got long, entries close on 14th October.

With only a window of a month to get those entries in though, don’t delay, act now and be a proud parent/grandparent…or teacher as your child/grandchild…or pupils represents Cornwall in this wonderful Christmas competition!

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Showpiece No 6: The Acer

Posted on by Trevena Cross

This 6th showpiece in the series comes off the back of a beautiful new display of Acers (Japanese Maples) we have in one of our undercover areas at the moment. Having gone down to take a few photos of them yesterday, I needed no more convincing that they are very worthy of a ‘showpiece’ title.

Variety of different coloured Acer Trees  Acer-Sango-kaku

Grown for their graceful habit and striking, quite stunning foliage, Japanese Maples are small deciduous trees that don’t discriminate against the smaller garden – in fact they quite suit them. Many Acers grow extremely slowly and so are perfect in smaller spaces in a larger container or pot.

A slightly acidic, sandy well drained loam with a good amount of organic matter is Acer heaven, although most will grow fine in other soils as long as it isn’t too wet, dry or alkaline.

They enjoy a sheltered spot, though purple leaved varieties in particular require exposure to some sunshine in order to fully develop their striking dark hues. Consistent, very bright sunshine can cause leaf scorch in many varieties however, and so dappled shade is generally a good compromise.

Ideal for growing in containers, where their shallow rooting habit will be at no risk of competition with other plants, they will most likely require re-potting into a slightly bigger container every couple of years – in spring (April) or early Autumn (September). Remember, in a pot, the roots of the Acer will be more vulnerable to winter frosts, so a bubble wrapped pot may be a good move.

The graceful shape that an Acer is so renowned for, is created when the tree is left to its own devices, to form a natural framework. If any pruning is required, it’s best to do it when the tree is completely dormant (November – early February) to avoid sap bleeding from its pruning cuts.

More information on some of the specific varieties of Acer we stock can be found online in our plant centre.

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September 2013 Newsletter

Posted on by Trevena Cross

Seems sensible to share our monthly newsletters here on our blog, so here we go, September’s issue packed full of news, and info.


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Plan it, Plant it this autumn – AGAIN!

Posted on by Trevena Cross

Last year we supported the Horticultural Trades Association’s (HTA) first ‘Plan it , Plant it this Autumn’ campaign. Following its success, and positive nursery and garden centre participation across the UK, the campaign is running again this year.

HTA plan it plant it this autumn logo

Encouraging gardeners to continue gardening through autumn is vitally important, as one of the best, if not the best time of the year to get plants in the moist, warm ground before the real winter months. The campaign aims to create awareness of the wide range of activities you can get on with in the garden in autumn, and raise motivation at this time of year, particularly in the younger consumer who has a growing interest in gardening as a pastime.

It certainly doesn’t all end as soon as summer is over – with shrub, tree, bulb and bedding planting, as well as lawn and wild bird care to attend to, there’s certainly plenty to remain occupied by and plenty to plan for. If this good weather continues, it will certainly help with the motivation side of things!… Keep your fingers crossed!

AND please send us your autumn activity pics! We want to see what you get up to in your garden this autumn, whether its planting, fixing, cleaning, bird feeding… we want to share your gardening efforts and support the campaign; encouraging others to stay active in the garden during this colourful season too! The best pic will win a £10 Trevena Cross voucher!

Email us or send us your pics via Twitter or Facebook! Deadline to be confirmed soon so get sending now!.. It is September!

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