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What makes it ‘John Innes’?

Posted on by Trevena Cross

A recent question we posted on Facebook, what is ‘John Innes’? actually wasn’t that hard to answer for most of you; of course it’s a compost! But the question, what makes ‘John Innes compost’ different from ‘bog standard compost’ was a little bit of a trickier one.

You’d be forgiven for assuming that John Innes is a compost manufacturer. In fact it is a compost formulae, made up of four key elements – loam, peat, sand/grit and fertiliser (varying degrees depending on the purpose of the specific compost). It was created by the genius that is the ‘John Innes Centre’. It is a desirable compost for keen gardeners, whether ‘John Innes’ or ‘…with added John Innes’, and is widely known for its results producing strong plant growth, health and vigour, in the field of horticulture.

A Trevena Cross we particularly recommend using John Innes soil based no 3 compost (and a slow release fertiliser) for permanent planting (e.g. shrubs and trees) as it doesn’t dry out like regular peat based composts, and is therefore easier to keep moist.

Who is John Innes? John Innes left money and part of an estate in his will in the early 1900’s, specifically for the establishment of a horticultural institute. The John Innes Centre was it. Today it still continues to make valuable contributions to the world of plant science and microbiology through innovative research.

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Showpiece No 5: The Rose

Posted on by Trevena Cross

The rose has forever been, and forever will be a signature piece and an old favourite in the garden, whether it be a natural cottage garden or a modern and contemporary space.

The winner of our recent ‘Blooming Beautiful photo competition’ captured our hearts with a picture of a blooming rose in her garden – there is just something about them, besides the fabulous scent of some varieties, that just draws you in. Perhaps a feeling of nostalgia for many, ensures they remain a firm favourite in our gardens.

Beautiful Bloom winner - pink rose

Easy to grow, they can also live a long time if well looked after, making them a comforting constant in an ever changing space, and a focal point to grow attached to. With so many varieties, there is one for every spot in the garden. For pots, containers, borders, over arches, pergolas or even as groundcover. Hungry plants, they enjoy well rotted manure or compost incorporated into the soil, certainly at the start, but other than that, will grow in most soil types. They are also deep-rooters so after the first few years of establishing a root system, will generally survive on the moisture naturally present in the soil.

yellow rose  white rose

Whether you love them or hate them (although the huge variety available makes it hard to believe that not everybody could could find at least one rose they love and have a connection with!), there’s no denying that the rose is a ‘work of art’, courtesy of nature.

We have a selection of roses at the garden centre, including David Austin and special occasion collections. Stock levels do vary throughout the year however, so please check availability before making a special journey, if you are after something specific.

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We have a winning bloom!

Posted on by Trevena Cross

Weather typical of a lovely hot summer may seem a distant memory now, but there has been no shortage of summer celebration with the beautiful blooms entered into our ‘Blooming Beautiful’ competition!

After a tough judging process, involving many members of the Trevena Cross team, and deliberation over many wonderful photos, a ‘favourite’ crept through. The winner of the competition and £15.00 of Trevena Cross vouchers is Margaret Millar, with her gorgeous rose bloom.

Beautiful Bloom winner - pink rose

The variety of floral shapes and colours in your gardens is just superb based on what we’ve seen – and to choose just one winner was extremely difficult. We’ve shared some of the other super entries in the small montages below so you can get a little glimpse of what our eyes have been treated to while judging the competition! (Click on them for bigger photos). We thank all entrants for taking the time to share their blooms with us, they really are quite something!

blooming beautiful entries montage  second blooming beautiful montage of entries

We hope you continue to enjoy the summer flowers in your garden – don’t take them for granted  – enjoy their beauty every chance you get. Before you know it they’ll be gone for another year, and the wait begins again….!

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