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NEW plant guides for perennials and shade plants

Posted on by Trevena Cross

We have added, and will continue to add new garden and plant guides to our growing collection, online and in the shop.

Recognising that quite often, a generic garden centre guide on X, Y and Z doesn’t always cut it, our personalised guides take the best nuggets of Trevena Cross horticultural knowledge and experience straight from the horse’s mouth, and and place them in a handy, jargon-free guide for your interest.

With big gaps in our current collection, we have most recently added our ‘Perennials‘ and ‘Shade Plants‘ guides.

Perennials Guide from Trevena Cross Nurseries

We stock thousands of perennials and are all too aware of the often daunting choices many people are faced with – just where to start! In addition, shady gardens, or shady corners of the garden often pose their own problems or challenges. This latter guide intends to ease the burden of a light-lacking space!

In production at the moment are further guides, including a Wildlife Friendly guide, a Climbers guide, and a Pond & Aquatics guide. So watch this space…!

Are there any new guides you’d like to see? Let us know, and we’ll see what we can do!

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Make it an adventurous Autumn!

Posted on by Trevena Cross

Autumn is PERFECT planting time – the soil is warm and moist. The dry ‘stressful’ summer has passed, but temperatures haven’t plummeted yet. This transition phase from summer to winter, gives rise to perfect growing conditions for trees and shrubs in the garden. With time to ‘settle in’ and establish a robust root system before going dormant for the winter, these plants will be in a great position for spring, before a further growth spurt takes hold.

Shrubs and plants - Autumn is perfect planting time

A piece of advice though: don’t get carried away – think about your planting decisions, as well as relying on instinct. Ever tried growing something that didn’t take?…and then tried again with the same result? There’s a reason it isn’t taking. Start with what you know grows well and then take time to plan beyond this. Take a look in neighbours’ gardens, visit local gardens, visit your local garden centre, take advice, and then make decisions… it will save you problems in the long run. It doesn’t mean planting has to be boring – you can be ‘adventurous’ in the garden, just avoid ‘reckless adventure’ and you’ll avoid disappointment!

So Autumn is a time to contemplate spring… and as well as plant shrubs, trees, herbaceous plants, hedging, etc, is the right time to get your bulbs in the ground for spring colour next year. With daffodil, crocus, iris, hyacinth, tulip, snowdrop bulbs, plus many more, there is plenty of choice when it comes to deciding what to wake your garden up with after the lull of winter! …and if you can’t wait that long, a splash of colour can of course be added now with winter bedding like pansies, violas, wall flowers and cyclamen!

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