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Plan it, plant it this Autumn

Posted on by Trevena Cross

‘Plan it, Plant it this Autumn’, – don’t let the horrible weather we’ve had so far this year ruin your persistence to get in the garden; it’s not too late. Autumn, while perhaps less well known as ‘gardening season’, is in fact equally as great as spring to get in the garden and make a difference!

The ‘Plan it, Plant it..’ campaign launched by the Horticultural Trades Association (HTA), is aiming to tap into the younger consumer’s growing interest in gardening – raising awareness of all the autumn gardening activities people can enjoy – from planting, to autumn bedding, to trees, fruits and wild bird care.

Plan it plant it this Autumn logo

For many, the end of summer often spells the end of any gardening activity. This year in particular, the activity never really seemed to ‘kick off’, due to such a poor season weather-wise, and so any ‘garden shut down’ is especially disappointing. This campaign wants to help extend the season and encourage people to carry on gardening throughout the Autumn as well as plan for Spring.

There certainly is a lot going on at this time of year, and here at Trevena Cross we’re in full support of extending the gardening season and encouraging people to see their garden’s full potential – and to enjoy it as more of a ‘year round’ space, not one that is enjoyed for only a few months of the year.

And if we finally see some weather that we’re so worthy of, this Autumn, it could be an exciting time!…

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You need it? We will get it to you!

Posted on by Trevena Cross

Ok, so we may not be the most centrally located nursery and garden centre in the country geographically speaking – out on the far west tip of Cornwall; but we do our utmost to ensure this rarely gets in the way of our nationwide customer service!

Map of UK showing location of Trevena Cross

Whilst not quite as easy to courier/transport around the country as your bog-standard electronics, DVDs or household goods, our plants still regularly cover many miles, from our nursery in Cornwall to customers in London, Manchester and beyond – arriving in the condition they left us in.

With a little imagination and a lot of care, we have managed to pack plants of all shapes and sizes, ready for a journey to their final destination, using weird and wonderful construction of pallets, cardboard boxes and other handy materials that provide the ultimate protection for transport.

The tree ferns below have made the journey to a college in Bridgwater (a relatively short journey!) within the last week or two. It proved quite a challenge for Mark and John to pack them, so that everything fitted in the space permitted by the transportation, and without risk of damage to the plants, but we like a challenge – it’s when we’re at our best 🙂

Crate of tree ferns  Tree ferns ready for transport

So if you’d like to get some Cornish plants out of Cornwall, either to yourself, or a friend or relative; look no further. Don’t let a little thing like geography get in the way!

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Go on, treat yourself, it’s summer!

Posted on by Trevena Cross

It’s summer time (it really is!) and for many that means holidays, relaxation and time spent just enjoying life, in our beautiful county of Cornwall – (for those lucky enough!)

Indulgence is of course a critical part of ‘enjoying life’ and so I went in search of indulgent goodies in the Garden Kitchen Cafe yesterday. Thought I’d share some of my findings with you!…

Danishes in the Garden Kitchen Cafe  Scones in the Garden Kitchen Cafe

Bakewell Cake in the Garden Kitchen Cafe

Mmm... Bakewell!

Chocolate Cake in the Garden Kitchen Cafe

Can't beat a good choccy cake!

Coffee & Walnut Cake in the Garden Kitchen Cafe

My favourite - Coffee & Walnut!

Granny's Fruitcake in the Garden Kitchen Cafe

An old favourite... Granny's fruitcake

Flapjack in the Garden Kitchen Cafe  Shortbread in the Garden Kitchen Cafe

Vote for your favourite on our Facebook page!

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Need a helping hand with garden design?

Posted on by Trevena Cross

A visit to Trevena Cross may help!

Julian Power
Tel: 07967 350 558

Julian Power, Garden Designer

Julian Power, a garden designer with 20 years of horticultural experience, who works on projects throughout Cornwall, has been visiting Trevena Cross at weekends over the past couple of months, to offer independent advice, guidance, and services to customers, with regards to garden design and planning – in essence aiming to compliment the shopping experience of customers making decisions about their garden as they navigate their way around the centre.

Julian, who has previously mirrored this work by sharing his design skills with customers in 12 different garden centres across Hampshire, also works alongside a landscaping company who can turn his design ideas into reality – constructing and maintaining gardens to a very high level.

Often a daunting process – knowing where to start in the garden, and importantly, how to get there – Julian’s presence at Trevena Cross at weekends, has already helped a number of customers with enquiries and the development of their gardens. To enhance the offering, Julian is now also visiting the centre on a Wednesday.

Julian can offer a complimentary site visit should you require it, and as mentioned, can put you in touch with established landscape/construction companies if you are looking to make bigger changes to your garden landscape.

For direction to more independent plant and garden advice, guidance and information, visit our Useful Links page…. Or of course get in touch with us and we’ll be more than happy to help.

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Be Inspired!

Posted on by Trevena Cross

london2012 logo

With Olympic fever gripping the nation, and even converting those less than enthusiastic during the build-up to the games, it’s time to feel energized and motivated to ‘do something!’ Team GB has shown us all that anything is possible; with sheer determination to succeed and do their country proud.

As hosts of such a fantastic event – that will without question go down in history, we’re firm believers at Trevena Cross, that Britain should be inspired, both as a nation and as individuals; perhaps not to win Olympic medals, but to achieve personal goals!

Whatever your goal(s) – to complete a charity bike ride, to jump from a plane and skydive, to finish decorating the living room, to get fit, or to even get your garden in order – we hope you’ve found the inspiration and motivation over the last week or so, to finally say ‘Right, I’m going to do it!’

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