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Trevena Cross gets into Olympic spirit!

Posted on by Trevena Cross

Lucky enough to be on the Olympic torch relay route, we made the most of it on Saturday, as we joined excited crowds who’d turned out to watch the torch being carried through Breage, past the Garden Centre entrance. What’s more, we were delighted to capture this unique – one time only – event on camera, with pictures that couldn’t have been taken anywhere, other than outside the garden centre and nurseries! See below…

Trevena Team waiting for the olympic torch outside garden centre

The Trevena Cross team await the arrival of the Olympic Torch

The Olympic convoy passes Trevena Cross Nurseries

The Olympic convoy arrives

Torchbearer carries Olympic Torch past the garden centre

A torchbearer for Breage passes Trevena Cross

With plenty of people eager to be a part of this momentous occasion, there was a fantastic atmosphere that surely spread across Cornwall on this special day.

Were you there? Are you featured in any of our photos? Or have you got pictures of your own? We’d love to hear your thoughts on the morning, and see any of your own photos taken near the garden centre in Breage.

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Guides to Gardening!

Posted on by Trevena Cross

Here at Trevena Cross we’re keen to offer any gardening tips and advice that can make gardening hassle-free, very enjoyable, and importantly, a successful experience for all of our customers!

We’ve therefore developed a series of guides – offering tips and guidance to growing particular types of plant or creating  a particular type of garden.

These are available in store, and have been for a while; however on recognising that it is sometimes nice to do the research before you shop, and get a planting plan together, these are now also available for you to download from the website to view, print… or make use of however you choose!

Gardening Guides on website

Click here to view our newly added guides  – and happy reading!

Is there a guide we’ve missed that you think would be really useful for yourself and also popular with others? – Please do let us know and we’ll consider adding it to our series of guides!

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Olives making an impression

Posted on by Trevena Cross

Whilst we think that our specimen trees – and particulaurly our olives, which just seem to ooze charisma – are an impressive, eye catching site at the garden centre, we rarely get to see the finished article, settled into its new home, within the context of a garden, and a collection of other wonderful plants!

Fortunately, within the last few weeks, we’ve been lucky enough to receive photos sent by recent customers, of our olive trees.  Mr and Mrs Smith of Garras, near Helston kindly sent us the below photos prior to their olive being planted out in their beautiful garden – already a haven for lovely specimens such as palms, visible in the photos.

Olive tree in the garden  Olive tree by house on patio

Following this, Sara, a Garden Designer familiar to Trevena Cross, who runs gARTen design, wanted an olive for her own garden, and was kind enough to send us a photo of it as the wall was put up around it, (below left) and then with the finished wall (below right).

Olive tree in situe, surrounded by wall  Olive tree with surrounding finished wall

It’s great to see these fantastic specimens in their new homes, and in an environment where it has real impact and can be enjoyed and appreciated in full glory rather than getting a little lost among the masses on the garden centre floor.

For more on olives click here.

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Splash some (disease free) summer colour!

Posted on by Trevena Cross

As one of our main priorities at this time of year is bringing a huge selection of summer bedding and patio plants to our customers, we thought we’d share with you one of the most publicised current issues relating to the popular, much loved bedding plant, ‘Busy Lizzy’ – which has impacted our careful and ‘safe’ selection of particular varieties of this summer favourite in 2012.

Impatiens (commonly, Busy Lizzies) have been the subject of a fungal disease called Downy Mildew, which manifests itself through yellowing leaves, leaf loss, and plant death. Whilst it has been in circulation in the UK since 2003, having most likely arrived on imported commercial propagation material (seed or cuttings), it only really became unmanageable last year.


Statutory action was initially undertaken by the Food and Environment Research Agency (fera) against confirmed outbreaks of the disease, on its discovery, but this action soon ceased.

After the wet summer of 2008, damage was much reduced by improved control practices at commercial nurseries but then in 2011 any established control failed, probably due to resistance to the commercial fungicides used. Infected plants were inadvertently sold widely, which led to the most widespread outbreak of the disease to date, with many gardens, nurseries and local authority displays affected.

Outbreaks of Downy Mildew have been confined to Impatiens walleriana, the common bedding Busy Lizzy. No cases have been found on New Guinea impatiens, or other varieites including Impatiens × hawkeri, and the few species found growing in the wild in the UK.

Attacks are most likely in spring or summer in greenhouses, and often during wet weather or damp conditions – which can often mislead people to believe that it is the moisture at the core of the problem, rather than the disease spreading spores.

We would advise against purchasing any Impatiens that may be affected by or vulnerable to Downy Mildew, instead sticking with those found to be resilient / immune, or alternatively replacing them with a selection of other bedding types, such as Begonias.

Prevelence of the disease has certainly led to us to reconsider our bedding choices, with the decision to focus more heavily on other, equally showy and colourful options this year, and keep our impatiens offering down to only unaffected New Guinea ones – a safe way to ensure quality bedding plants and help avoid further spread of this persistent killer.

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