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Still ramping up for spring

Posted on by Trevena Cross

Activity has noticeably ramped up at the garden centre in the last week or so as people begin to think about the garden and getting it in shape for the spring and summer ahead.

We have teamed up with the West Briton again this week, with a reader offer included in the Helston & The Lizard edition, for a FREE Redcurrant Rovada plant, to kick start your grow your own season! Our FREE honeysuckle offer was very popular last month, and we look forward to seeing even more of you take advantage of the offer this time around.

We have also brought the first veg packs of the year down fresh from the nursery this week, including rocket, lettuce and our Trevena Cross salad leaves. Keen to keep you enthusiastic about growing your own this year, we have cut our pack prices from £2.65 (our 2011 price) to £2.25 this year – what is it they say? Every little helps!

Grow your Own - Salad Leaves

In the next day or two we are also expecting our first container load of exotic specimens from Spain… so watch for more on this very, very soon!

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Cornish Plants in High Places

Posted on by Trevena Cross

As the busiest time of the year approaches for Trevena Cross Nurseries, and the team anticipates a real spring buzz, the garden centre looks forward to seeing who might walk through the door in 2012. In its 35 year history at its retail site in Breage, the garden centre has served some interesting and high profile clientele, from Royal Gardens, to British lyricists and authors; film companies, to the British Museum.

Only last month, it had a visit from the film company shooting film drama ‘Summer in February’ just down the road, for which it sold and hired out a range of plants; and last year it supplied plants, including tree ferns, for one of the gardens featured in ITV series ‘Love your Garden’ hosted by gardening gurus Alan Titchmarsh and Cornwall local Matt James.

Nursery and garden centre owner Graham comments:

“It’s always interesting to see where our next customer comes from. Over the years we have supplied plants nationally and internationally, and have had some really unexpected enquiries from the most unexpected places. It’s really great that our beautiful county, out on the far west tip of the UK can actually find itself at the centre of some high profile business dealings!”

As well as television and film interest, the garden centre has received royal requests, supplying plants to Highgrove House and Gardens, and The Savill Garden at Windsor Great Park. It has also had regular dealings with many National Trust and Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) gardens, well known Cornish gardens and Tresco Abbey Garden in the Isles of Scilly.

Graham continues:

“Whilst parks and gardens are perhaps our more obvious business customers, it seems there is no limit to where plants are required, with local and national zoos, councils, museums and colleges, to name a few, also taking plants off our hands in the past. We are thrilled to be able to serve a huge range of customers from a variety of places; with each as important to us as the next, whether they are a Helston local requiring plants for their courtyard garden or a large business looking for a complete makeover.”

For more information about Trevena Cross and its upcoming spring stock visit or call 01736 763880.

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Did I speak too soon?

Posted on by Trevena Cross

Only last week we were looking forward to the spring, commenting on how mild the winter had been and how the possibility of a true winter hitting us now was unlikely!

It seems I spoke to soon! With temperatures plummeting to at least -7 degrees C last night and rumours of snow arriving this weekend, we perhaps haven’t got off so lightly…

Bringing in the timers of our automatic watering systems, turning off water to prevent freezing, covering the entrances to our fernerys and shutting up our succulent and grow your own greenhouses are just some of the protectives measures we’ve been taking over the last few nights, to beat the effects of the cold!

Are you protecting the tender and vulnerable in your garden? – Make use of your greenhouse, and conservatory, and bark and fleece anything tender as a precaution!

Fingers crossed (for our plants sake) that the white stuff doesn’t reach these parts (although for the big kids amongst you, you never know!…you could make use of that sledging gear after all!)

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