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Spring is on the way

Posted on by Trevena Cross

As we work hard behind the scenes to prepare for the upcoming spring season, both in the nursery and in the garden centre, we are surprised by the on going mild temperatures and the seeming lack of any stereotypical winter! The possiblity of a ‘late’ winter even seems unlikely now – and we cross all our fingers and toes that this is the case.

Back in the autumn we were preparing for the cold of winters past, bringing anything with any level of fragility or vulnerability into our polytunnels, and removing the risks that the cold presents to a working nursery like ours. Despite the weather failing to meet our expectations, we have inadvertantly aided our wonderful plant stocks, giving them that little bit of ‘luxury living’ …enough to guarentee a smashing collection of plants, looking their absolute best!

We look forward to our spring rush (which we anticipate may start a little early this year, assuming the mild weather continues) …and to adding to our wonderful collection of plants at a time when the garden is a priority for many.

Can’t wait to get started? As well as our seed potatoes, which are adorning the shelves, we now also have a very wide selection of bulbs available, including onion, garlic and shallot bulbs, and masses of Dahlias, Begonias, Agapanthus, Irises, Freesias, Alliums, Gladioli, Liliums, Nerines, Callas, Cannas, Crocosmias… and more!

Yellow Iris

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Our Drive to Make ‘Friends’!

Posted on by Trevena Cross

We were delighted to welcome Trevena Cross ‘friend’ and Christmas prize draw winner Jill Cooper to the garden centre today to receive her prize of £100 in Trevena Cross gift vouchers!

Jill Cooper, Trevena Cross Prize Draw Winner

Jill Cooper, Trevena Cross Prize Draw Winner

Jill very kindly agreed to have a piccy taken for us, so that we could show you all… and also encourage new friends to join us by signing up to receive our monthly newsletter and regular updates regarding our latest special offers, garden tips and advice and  more.

Happy to be a constant point of contact for all your garden needs, our Trevena Cross team has such a wealth of horticultural knowledge and experience, that it seems a shame not to share it with more gardeners of all ages, with all levels of experience. Our ‘friends’ scheme, initiated in March last year, allows us to keep in regular touch with our local community and customers new and old, facilitating a two way street for any questions, queries or problems that you may have!

We have crowned four lucky friends as winners of wonderful voucher prizes and meals in our Garden Kitchen Cafe, since the start of the campaign, by entering all friends into quarterly prize draws!

If you want to learn more about us and about your garden, you can sign up to become friend by clicking here.

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The oldest garden helper, 420 million years old in fact!

Posted on by Trevena Cross

Coming soon…watch for an announcement when it arrives!

Crops of veg with SEER Centre initiaters

Crop yields at the SEER Centre after using Rockdust

Probably known only to the keenest of allotment owners, plot holders or gardeners, we are excited to now bring this new product to the Cornish masses, and open the door to organic crops of giant carrots, earth moving cabbages and phenomenal parsnips in the months…and years, to come!

What are we talking about? It’s called SEER Rockdust, and most simply put, is finely ground and freshly crushed volcanic rock, more than 420 million years old!

Rich in minerals and trace elements, Rockdust is exceptionally fertile and productive, unlocking goodness that has been tied up in rock for so many years and finally releasing it back into the soil to ‘remineralise’.

It may take several months to improve soil fertility and see beneficial results, but with a little patience you can expect to see benefits to crops, compost and the environment, including:

  • Improved  overall crop yield – in terms of health, flavour, aroma, flower quality, shelf life, pest & disease resistance
  • Increased worm populations, microbial activity, nitrogen fixing, composting speed and fertility
  • Healthier environment –  improved ability to absorb CO2 in the soil, whilst encouraging a reduced dependency on synthetic fertilisers

Rockdust can be used as a top dressing and a compost activator. It can be applied at any time of the year, at any stage of plant growth, and will benefit all types and pH of soil – simply lightly rake in.

Min. dose – 0.5kg per square metre
Optimum dose
– 2kg per square metre (1st year) 0.5kg per sq. metre thereafter
Max. dose
(as used at the SEER Centre) – 5kg per square metre (1st year) re-apply when fertility decreases
Application to potted plants
– Sprinkle 3mm SEER Rockdust onto soil surface – no need to mix. Just water as normal or mix with potting compost prior to sowing or planting
Compost Activator
– Sprinkle 3-5mm of Rockdust into each 5inch/13cm layer of green waste as you add it

As the only stockist of SEER Rockdust in West Cornwall, and one of only two in the whole county, we are delighted to bring this unique top dressing and compost activator to grow your own fanatics and those who are not afraid to try new things!

Where does it come from?
The SEER Centre (Sustainable, Ecological, Earth Regeneration Centre) is a Scottish, charitable organisation, where Rockdust has been used to grow bumper, mineral rich crops. It was initiated by a couple, interested in organic gardening and what has now developed into SEER Rockdust – as well as the concept behind it.

Click here for more information or click here to watch a video, and find out more about this rather mysterious, and for many, experimental product.

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Happy New Year Potato Lovers!

Posted on by Trevena Cross

Happy New Year All! We hope the Christmas indulgence isn’t sitting too heavy! We believe there’s nothing better than getting some fresh January air into those lungs to clear the cobwebs and those Christmas calories – and where better to start than in the garden?

The main grow your own season will soon be upon us, and we’re kick starting things with a huge range of seed potatoes for you to get you teeth into, (quite literally, in months to come!) The potato is a fantastic, versatile veg, very rewarding, and easy to grow if a few simple steps are followed.

We have our first earlies in stock, and second earlies and maincrop potatoes on the way within the next week. The best part? You can grow potatoes where other veg and plants will struggle – great for growing in a new, weedy plot or on old, untended grassland, potatoes will supress the weeds, and then when you come to dig up your potatoes you will be digging over the soil and inadvertantly preparing it for future growing.

Learn more about our seed potatoes by clicking here.

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